About B.A. Veiman

If I'm going to write an "About" page, I need to share about the people who sharpen me everyday.

My husband, Keegan, my best friend, my encourager and the kindest person I have ever known. Annie and Kate, who have made such an impact on my life that I will alway write about sisters (you girls are my childhood and one of my life's best parts). My parents for showing unconditional love and a thousand other reasons. Tamsen, Sindy, Christianna, Kirby, Mama Michelle, Eva and Christi for caring about my book's growth almost as much as I do. 

Hugs, kisses, and tears! You guys are the best! 

Like most writers, I draw on my own experiences for inspiration and need "quiet time" to make sense of the world. I've spent the majority of my years investing in meaningful relationships, chasing the best of the seasons, and mining the depth of emotions.

I am a stubborn firstborn, a history buff, a plant and dog lover, a dyslexic and a follower of Jesus Christ (though I don't write Christian fiction). 

I am published online and in print (non-fiction), but my dream is to be a published novelist. I currently have completed a YA historical fiction manuscript and will begin querying literary agents during the summer of 2017. 

My favorite authors are Dodie Smith, Eva Rice, Kathryn Stockett, Mary Ann Shaffer, John Keats, Arthur Golden and Elizabeth Marie Pope because I feel them breathing over my shoulder with every turn of the page.